Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mama Got A Secret!

...that I can't sweat alot and allergic to eggs. If I do, this is what will happen to me...

eczema. Oh, this was 3 days later after I first had it last week.

For the whole of last week, I had to wear a sweater eventhough the weather was such a bitch lately. I had rashes all over my left arm and basically had to apply this anti-flammatory cream which my doctor prescribed me.

And I am one hell stubborn bitch, I don't usually care what doctor says cos' this is my life. So I went for gym (the first in my entire 24 years), gulped down few eggs (my friend's idea) and had a restless night scratching my arm. In short, I'm allergic to gym and eggs. LOL!!!

Ok. Gtg now. Enjoy my masterpiece, lastly.

Nurul plucked my first white hair, which I didn't know it was there all along.
It's looooong.


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