Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Never A Little Too Late
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The other day, Mustakim and I went down to great World City wanting to buy tickets to Ashley Isham fashion show but only to find out the $10 tickets show only was sold out. I was kinda furious with myself for failure to purchase the tickets earlier. Out of desperation, I was resorted to even buy the $60 not-so-worth-it-cocktail-reception-and-show-tickets but noone seems interested as it is expensive! Well, I'm willing to spend money on Ashley Isham cos' I've been a great follower of his and not every year you get to watch his show (and not everyday he's in Singapore). And then, this is what happened...

I got 4, yes FOUR....F.O.U.R tickets!! I've never felt my dream come true and this one did! I feel like I'm a step closer to my a thousand miles journey. WOW!


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