Friday, May 30, 2008

Attack of Pac-Man

Pac-Man was both Mom and Dad's favourite game. I used to have a Super Nintendo (old school,huh?) and they always "conquer" them and would give me excuses like "you go study. You need to do your homework." Aaarrgh!

That time, they had many versions of Pac-Man : (let me recall some of them) Pac-Man, Pac-Man 2, Super Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man (Mom's favourite). The photo above, was taken by a fellow colleague, Cheryl and am surprised that she managed to find one "antique" Pac-Man arcade machine (I dunno where she found it but very nolstagic lah!)

It's kinda sad that it's hard to find a soul who is actually a HUGE fan of PacMan today. Am not. :D


Thursday, May 29, 2008

You're Fatter!

And so she asked,"Why don't men get backlash for their weight?"

Babe, for 24 years for my Life, I am skinny. You want to send me for rehab now!? "I say No, No.....No". But seriously, am confused here. Are they talking about high fashion male models here (they were their initial subject) or skinny men as general? Because you can't blame high fashion models to be skinny, blame it on the fashion designers. Like hello, who created skinny jeans and skinny ties? Fashion designers. They are the one who set the trend and thus increase the demand for skinny models (sorry, I just made myself sound oh-so bloody good!). I mean, Brad Pitt don't look fabuluos fashionable in skinny jeans, aight? Or for an instance, which Macho marys with muscular legs look good in skinny jeans? Arnold? Not even Moses Lim sia!

My point is, if you wanna stop anorexia, you gotta fashion. But can you?

And if you want to talk about skinny men in general, trust me, we men (am I part of it?) are full of egos like we are full of shit. No man wants to look thinly sissy sissy (with the exceptional of sassy sissy gaymen, like Runie, Bryanboy and me?) unless they are mentally abused by their fat mother, or worst, by their anorexic girlfriends.

Boyfriend : Honey, how do I look in these jeans?

Girlfriend : You're not skinny enough, darling.

Boyfriend : ...really?

Girlfriend : Just eat less like I do. Like they say, less is more.

Boyfriend : hmmm....

Girlfriend : Ashley Isham is skinny, don't you know that!!!?

Being thin is like man's ultimate phobia being seen as inferior. As for me, who cares. I tried so hard wanting to look like Leonardo Dicarpio but too bad, god wants me to look like Rihanna instead, and just want get fucked like a crazy woman (siao char bo!). To that lady on Daily Buzz, I wont apologise for me being skinny but sorry if I made you look FAT!