Monday, March 24, 2008

What Breed Are You?

We were bored. So I came up with this just so to create a conversation....

Me : If you were born again but as a cat, what breed will you be and why?

Aisha : Persian? Because I'm fat and cute? You don't have to make me say it, right?

Me : Hmmm...ok.

Aisha : You?

Me : Me?

Aisha : Who else?

Me : PussyCat Dolls??? because my mama is Nicole Scherzinger? You don't have to make me say it, right??

And then, Aisha came up with her so-called original questionaire....

Aisha : If you were born again as a dog, what breed are you?

Me : Snoop Dogg? Cos I do a good Lil Bow Wow!

Aisha : Then what am I suppose to be? BahaMen? Who Let The Dogs Out eh?

Me : You know me so well.

LOL!!! Anyway, enjoy the next vid by one of my favourite singer, Leela James...


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