Saturday, November 24, 2007

10 Friends Said That I'm....

Facebook is probably the coolest thing created eversince Friendster. And am so addicted playing "Vampires & Slayers" (you can say I'm deprived of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"). Another features of Facebook which I like is PetrolHead where you get to race with your friends' car, virtually that is (since it's against the law to speed the traffic here in Singapore). Then, there's Reputation. Thanks to those who rated me and for those who have yet to rate me, I simply do not have the answer as to why I keep you as a friend today.

10 friends have rated me. And I do not know who are those 10 friends of mine (Facebook doesn't tell me who they are!!!). So today, I'm gonna blog about my 10 friends' ratings.

Well, I can't complain much. It's a gift from God. I think it's good enough (2 out of 3 stars). It's either you're born with it or fark it!

I'm not cool. I'm Hot!

I got 3 out of 3 stars. I think that's over-rated...or maybe my friends presumed that I am a happy-person. Seriously, I'm not happy. Are you happy when you're getting a step-father sooner than Christmas especially without you knowing him better and that now that you're just a sales-boy when you're born to be a fashionista? I'm just pretending to be happy upfront.....unfront, yes.

I SHOULD get 3 stars instead. Everytime I go IRC looking for sex, I'm confident to have someone waking up next to me the next morning happy. How influential is that!!!? LOL!!!

THIS, I didn't expect. I really thought I would get only a star for this. Me? Intelligent??? Thanks, I just made Tyra Banks look stupid.

As long I'm better than Rizal, I'm jolly good.

I'm off to kill vampires now. Swoosh!!!


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