Sunday, November 4, 2007


I was at MAAD and bought the above shoe tag engraved with my pen name "Yahn" on it for my beloved Timberland boots. I love my boots and I tell you, I am the only fucker who takes the effort to clean and maintain my boots seh. Pardon the blurry image lah because I used Motorola phone to capture the image and EVERYONE knows how bad Motorola phone is.

Most of the things there I seriously tell you are over-priced. The shoe tag I bought at a ridiculous price of $5.30 EACH. To have just one shoe tag on for your pair of boots is abit I bought 2. No choice what!!!!

Then about the above pic in Timberland Winter Collection 2007, no, we were not at Snow City. I don't play fake snow. If I really wanna play fake snow might as well I buy one huge refrigerator and make fake snow. Just feeling-feeling only what. I mean, when new products come in, don't you wanna be the first to try?

I shall now end this entry with a conversation I had with my Assistant Store Manager, Sean.
Me : Sean, wanna go Cosy Bay? There very nice leh.
Sean : I'm going Legend. So joining?
Me : Cosy Bay.
Sean : Legend.
Me : Cosy Bay.
Sean : Legend.
Me : Cosy Bay got nice sea view leh.
Sean : (disgusted) What!? Sea view? In front of my house got sea view. I everyday see sea sian liao.
Me : Your house there not sea....your house there got LONGKANG sia!!!!


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