Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heroes Season 2 (with special appearance by Yahn)

I was born handicapped. In what way I'm handicapped, that's personal. But grandpa once told me,"to every disability, there's something special."

At the tender age of 5, my pre-school teacher asked me to draw a picture of my house....I gave her the blank look. Nevermind then. Afterward, she asked me to draw a picture of my family.....and I gave her the blank look, again. My pre-school teacher told my parents that they need to find ways on how I can better express my feelings.

Then one day, grandma bought me a drawing block and grandma asked me to express my feelings (because basically looking blank was my pasttime back then). And so I drew....

...and showed it to grandpa. He was shocked that I drew a mosque. It wasn't the most perfect picture of a mosque but for a boy my age to be drawing that was amazing.

Few days later, grandma bought me my first set of LUNA watercolor pencils. I was overjoyed to get them! It was like the most luxurious item a 5 year old boy could ever owned. Again, she asked me to express myself. And this time round, I drew the infamous Haw Par Villa's dragon, the one with the mouth wide open and you go into it on a sampan(?). The next day, grandpa brought me to Haw Par Villa.

The following are pictures I drew 7 years back. 7 years back while I was still a student in Broadrick Secondary School. I stopped drawing when I was forced to go Temasek Polytechnic to do Engineering.

a chameleon

floral motifs inspired by the creature of the night, The Owl

This is the 5 year old Yahn (in my pre-school uniform, PAP)

Today, I tried to draw the same 5 year old Yahn in that PAP uniform. Somehow, I couldn't.

Moral of the story : God is great.


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