Sunday, October 14, 2007

Over And Done With. I could Yawn And Go To Sleep Now.

Wan Cheng : Have you ever regretted not knowing someone better?

Me : (smile) yes.

The one in green "Newurbanmale" tanktop is Bryan (yes you finally get to see his pic. Not handsome, I told you. Look very "man" right?? Actually macho-mary lah. Padahal-padahal!) And the one beside him I dunno lah who's the bitch. Bloody bitch!

Nothing personal lah actually. Everytime I look at the photo, it made me smile. Bryan took a pic with an ugly bitch.



savante said...

Maybe his brother? :P

Yahn said...

u sure anot?

W.A Musxzart said...

bryan? hmmn i think i know that guy. and his name is not bryan. nak melayu step orang enggris lak.. dah belancan, belacan jugak!

Yahn said...


you know about his name too!!!???