Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who The Fuck Is Rizal?

Previous entries has been deleted. If you missed it, too bad. Next time, apply for Phunktv Privilege card.

My latest fashion indulgences (welcome to the family!!!) :
Timberland Yellow Boots + Timberland Tote Bag = $698

Who needs sponsorship when I can afford my own stuffs? Unlike someone who goes around looking for minimal sponsorship and tells the whole world what big fuck sponsors he's being covered with. I only got one thing to say to him : fuck lah!!

I am still aiming for Hermes enamel bracelet. Once I lay my hands on them, then I can say "who the fuck is Xiaxue?" But for now, I better shut up and drive on. Lala lala laalala....

But then again, I am still undecided.

Will be back after a week hiatus k?


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