Saturday, September 8, 2007

Winona Going For Reservist
Random rantings....

This is Winona.
She is my favourite actress.
And for the whole of next month, I won't be blogging.
Because I'm going for reservist.
And before I go for my in-camp training, I gonna cut my hair just like Winona.
Pixie hairstyle.
And also before I go for my in-camp training, (I wish!) I'm going down to MAAD to have my potrait done with Nargis.
I know, it's not end of the world but still, how many times a year you get to have a potrait done with a model? And I'm talking about Miss New Paper New Face 2006, Miss Singapore Tourism Queen and Model Of The World 2007 Singapore.

I wasn't posing for the pic.
I was crying for fuck sake and my clerk Tan took this pic for fun.
Why? Men in uniform cannot cry is it?

This is me while I was still serving the Nation.
And no is my answer to your eyebrow question.
I did not trimmed them.


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