Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lick My Eye-Candy

If CLEO Magazine can have their own version of 50 Most Eligible Bachelors, then can I have my very own Drop-Dead-Gorgeous-I'm-So-Gonna-Eat-Them-For-Supper-Woohoo!!! list?

If you think they are ugly, please consult your doctor at any nearest clinic immediately.

Just a reminder, they may or may not be gay because I have yet to test myself on them. Hahahaha!!! (Ok, ok lah bitches! 5 of them are straight. As straight as the lamp post outside your house. Go guess which one!!!!)

From top (left to right) : 10.Aiman 9.Edward 8.Herizal 7.Tom 6.Gameboy 5. Mitsu 4.Lewis 3.Shafiq 2.Errol Lim 1.Dakota

They are people whom I've met, a friend-of-a-friend, friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend aka acquaintance (Hi-bye friend lah), people whom I have no idea why they are on my friendster, my blog readers, BMT mates, schoolmate, former bedmate aka fuck buddy and/or whatsoever. AND, for fuck sake just to protect my ass, I may or may not have feelings attached to certain of them. I'm not greedy to have all of them , dope! Who you think I am? Anna Nicole Smith???

And by the way, no offence but all of them are short. I mean, eerrrrr.....shorter than me? XD

(like as if all my previous ex are any taller. Well, I've learnt to compromise that. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!)

And well, of course, there's a group of ladies whom I admire their beauty. Whom, at times, I feel like scratching their faces (take that as a compliment from a gay guy) and at times, if only I could go to Thailand, get that fucking operation done with and look like them freaking hot, fresh from the oven. Psssst!! But then again, in order to look like them, I must first be freaking rich like Paris.

From top left : Rajalakshmi, Elyasyabas, Huipeng, Nargis & Janna.

No, I don't want to turn straight. Can I turn lesbian, like now?
Anyhoo, read my hero's blog : Jeyaratnam!!!! Hero lah you! I love lah you!!!

Jeyaratnam Hero Lah!

Go watch The Campaign To Confer The Public Service Star On JBJ!!!! Trust me, it's more worth it than watching some army gay boys yearning for cock-n-ass sex in Asian Boy Volume 3.


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Gameboy said...

O____o WTH!!


All my friends suddenly inside now lol

Oh yeah I just majorly updated my blog.