Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This Hole Is Not For Baby Making, Fuck!

My next indulgence. Hermes enamel bracelet SGD455.00

Nice right? But they don't come in turqoise colour. If you buy me that, I'll treat you to McDonald's Happy Meal. LOL! If that means happiness to you lor.

Anyway....serious note, serious note.

I seek for a serious boyfriend, though I don't mind at all a bastard once in a while. But what did I do to get this 28 year old pervert I dated 2 days ago?

After a rough night out, he said...

Hadi : Tell you something....

Me : What seh....?

Hadi : I would love to be your boyfriend...

Me : ok seh....!!!

Hadi : ...but one thing...

Me : what seh...?

Hadi : I want to fuck you every night. Can?

Yes, his name is Hadi. He's 28 year old bisexual jerkass! If the guy in the photo below seems familiar to you (he can be your neighbour, your brother, your sister's boyfriend or even worse, your husband!!!) :

...please give a tight slap on his face as a regard from me which I totally forgot to do before I left his place. And oh yes, tell him, the night was good and could only be better if he were to groan more like a man(?) and just leave the moaning to me????

I still prefer Bryan. He's a better bisexual. Oops!

Last but not least, with regard to Rizal's post on Dave Teo, everyone at Mandai Camp are his friends. Literally everyone. WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!!!


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