Friday, August 10, 2007

For The Love Of A Mom...

Late last night, I messaged some of my friends this : "If only you knew you are going to die tomorrow, what will you do??"

"Tell all the people that you love that you love them and you have no regret at all with them. But again, if you really love them, try your best to stay alive."

"I would say something to all my family and close friends. Like what I appreciate and love about them."

Many responded saying they would pray for the last time, do some good in their Life, spend time with boyfriend in the open field on a starry night, rob bank & give charity (robin hood??), go to sleep hoping they will never wake up again and one even wanted to shave their head bald.

But I received one very sweet (touchy) SMS that almost made me in tears. It was from Ah Yang. Ah Yang messaged me this :

"Just wanna hug my mom and spend the day with things we never done before."

It's not just about saying how much you love someone.


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