Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Break It Down, Now!!!

Let's see how much you know about me. I mean, it's time I share a little something about me to you, right? We can be friends after this and have wild bunny sex with Jessica Alba. You like that, don't you straight bastardssss? For one thing for sure, I don't mind lesbian with her one night only.

Answers at the end of this entry. I bet Isaac will definitely get the 1st question wrong (he sure says pink is my favourite color) and can only get at most 2 correct.

Name my favourite color.
a) Pink
b) Turqoise
c) Bronze Rose

Name my most favourite shopping brand
a) SpringField
b) Esprit
c) River Island

My prize posession (however you spell it)
a) BelAmi perfume by Hermes
b) Zegna's tribly hat
c) Celine leather wallet

Motto in Life.
a) When my opponent hits me hard, I'll hit harder at them back.
b) Life is a long & winding road.
c) Never give up on the good times.

The best sex I ever had...
a) at a local bathhouse, OneSeven
b) changing room of Katong Swimming Complex
c) on the track of National Stadium

My favourite TV hunk.
a) Sean Connery.
b) James "Mr Naughty Goblin Junior" Franco
c) Jude Law. That one sexy bastard

The one animal that I feel best represent me.
a) The Steadfast Stallion
b) The Sharp Hawk
c) The Powerful Bear

Which of the following body part(s) I hated most?
a) The nose
b) The eye
c) none of the above

My current favourite accessory.
a) A pair of shades
b) tote bag
c) leather wristband

My all-time favourite singer.
a) Joss Stone
b) John Legend
c) Leela James


b, a, b, a, c, c, c, c, b, a


8 - 10 points
You should be my boyfriend. Enough said. Let's get married in Paris and have sex every night at the Eiffel Tower.

5 - 7 points
If we were EVER to sleep together, I would call it "as fun as Bryanboy, but forgetable as Xiaxue."

3 - 4 points
Rizal must be your bestfriend. Go ahead read his blog and be as boring.

0 - 2 points
Fortunately for you, they ban firearms in Singapore. If not, I would find you and shoot your ass first. Anyway, thanks for doing the quiz. You should die.


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