Friday, August 10, 2007

Me, Myself and...Rizal???
My one last tribute to Rizal.

-Name one thing that you will always remember about Rizal.
My $120 Esprit vest; worn only once. He wore it to his friend's wedding reception, to St. James Powerstation and now, I think his pet hamster is consuming my vest for supper.

-The one thing that you have been dying to tell Rizal all this while.
Can I have my vest back?

-One thing you like about Rizal.
Frankly speaking, his contact lens. That's all, nothing more.

-Describe Rizal in 3 words.
Flirtatious, attention-seeker-and-oh-yes-infact-no-three-words-could-ever-describe-him rat!!!!

-Any last word to Rizal.
My hips don't lie and underneath my clothes, there's an answer. (Shakira-shakira!!!)


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