Thursday, July 12, 2007

What Do You Expect From A Piscean?

What is "incorrigible" ah? What's the meaning of this? I know what "rebuttal" means lah. Means "fight back" something like that because last time, I always watch "The Arena : Rebuttal Round". Call me stupid or whatever but let you know something, I graduated with a diploma in Engineering with 3 distinctions. Just that my English not that excellent but good.

But honestly speaking, I ask you, do you use words like "incorrigible", "rebuttal" or "imbecilic" in your daily conversation? I don't but I'll use it when formal meeting lah. People who uses cheem words everyday are a bunch of nothingness but pure action.

I mean you don't go to Starbuck like "Hi hello there. Hmmmm....I would like to have two Starbuck's Special Concoction caramel frappes. Make that tall, please. Thank you!"

Do you? ACTION!!

Kanina. Here's how I usually say...

Me : Give me caramel frappe.

Staff : With cream?

Me : Alot.

Staff : Your name?

Me : Yahn.

We Singaporeans lead a simple and easy life. We don't lead an action Life.



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