Thursday, July 12, 2007

Milk Become Cheese.

Long over due photos of Singapore Fashion Festival 2007 held at Ngee Ann City. Thanks to Janna.

The good thing :
We got the front seat.

The bad thing :
I accidentally broke one of Janna's heels while on our way to our seats and she had to walk sideway...more like duck. Everyone was watching the drama.

The good thing :
I'm not Singapore's BlogKing but I still get invitations to Singapore Fashion Festival.

The bad thing :
I am not Singapore's BlogKing.

The good thing :
I attended Singapore Fashion Festival 2007 with my fellow colleagues. My best friend was too busy with his boyfriend.

The bad thing :
The show lasted 10 minutes. Waste my make-up.

It was a great experience lah. I've always dream of doing the catwalk on the runway. This is by far the closest I could get. Audience also can lah as long as I can see the models and the models can see me, I'm happy like fuck.

Elmi, Astri, Mr Personality, Janna and Shikin. Taken on my last day at MPH

I still miss those girls. Fuck BFF (Best Friends Forever). Girlfriends Forever!


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