Friday, January 4, 2008


Your brother-in-law has left Singapore for JB. I really wish to upload all photos we took together but...well....some are rather disturbing. The most innocent nonsense pic we had was this :

Photo took at Far East Square at about 4am. Remember this entry I said we were at 3 places in one night? This is one of it, after doing it. The reason why Dave looked shagged.

3 things I learnt from Dave :

- I have quickly (though not perfect) picked up the English lad accent. Ask me more about this when we meet up next time and I'll tell you in great details. "Your government is a fucking pig. They should punish irresponsible car owners than to jail jaywalkers. Uuurggh!!" My jaw dropped upon hearing that.

- Condoms sold here only come in Asian sizes. Anything bigger than 6 inches, you gotta be creative. Dave was in massive pain when I tried my best to stretch the condom and I accidentally release it. Ouch!

- Listen to what Oprah Winfrey has got to say. Always believe in the best of you. No matter how BIG the obstacle is, clear your throat and suck it in. Just Do It!


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