Thursday, December 13, 2007

Confession Of A Potato Queen [edited]

Before I begin, can I share an irrelevent info with you guys? Even if you don't like it, can I still post them on MY blog?

"When I come to SG for sure i will meet you : ) most of my mates i have in SG are former participants of where i used to work so they are like under 16, i like them but stilll certain things i can do and they dont know i am gay. I am staright acting for sure and present my self as straight.... I feel comfortable being gay but then I am not sure...........speak soon and see you in SG. New years still asking around but my participants are like totally clueless but they said your fireworks are incredible.maybe we hit the gay clubs together and at the stroke of 12, I have a long passionate kiss with you : ) then I go home with you : ) xxx" - Dave

Ladies & gentlemen, meet your future brother-in-law, Dave. And he's coming to Singapore on new year's eve to celebrate with me. So sweet kan!? Excuse me but I'm a Potato Queen convert (cos' fish n chips taste better than belachan and char siew pau....and errr, chappati combined).

Well, my mom will soon be getting herself a husband and a stepfather for me. Since I haven't bought her any wedding present, why not I give her a "son-in-law" in advance.

Mom, meet your future son-in-law. I'm sure you will love him. Mr & Mrs Hendy, Happily Ever After. *Yahn, stop daydreaming fuck!!!!*

Mrs Hendy soon to be.
Sorry, I can't stop bragging about my new last name. It simply sound oh-so cool! :P

I bought a new pair of vest from TopMan. And I can buy another thousands more of vests. And if you ask, I don't mind giving but don't steal. Get that Rizal?


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