Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Secrets From My Room...Ssssh!!!!

The 6 most sexiest things in my room : (top left to right) Anchor Beer boxing gloves, TopMan & Zegna's tribly hats, "Daytime Drama" novel, mini jukebox, spraycan & Magic Eightball.

Punch Me Here!
I got that boxing golves for free while I was with The Necessary Stage back then. It was part of the goodie bag for the gala premiere of Such Sweet Sorrow which starred Sheik Haikal, Annabel Francis, Mark Richmond, Beatrice Chia-Richmond and many others.

Put On Yourn Thinking Hats..
Zegna's hat was a gift and the TopMan's I bought it ages ago....wore it once and then this chickenhead devil in disguise took over...

enough said.

Roll Tape, ACTION!!!!
That's my 2nd and only gay novel I have. The first novel i bought entitled "Summer Love" was stolen by the above mentioned chickenhead devil in disguise.

Put another dime in the jukebox baby!

Nice favourite! Another freebie I got from subscribing to TIMES Magazine.

Write On The Wall....
Am reconstructing my bedroom. Graffitti-ed bedroom. How cool!?

Who is the fairest of all?
My Magic Number Eight Ball!!!! Everytime I'm bored, I would ask my eight ball stupid questions and it replies back with stupid answers

Me : Am I ugly?

EightBall : Yes. You should go for it!

I don't get it. Do you???


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