Monday, December 3, 2007

Sexy Back!

I did "Sexiest Friend" poll awhile ago and it came to the final two : Errol Lim and Dennis Visser. Can I have both since I'm good this year?

Mr Visser. Cute kan!!!? Very the boyboy. If i'm not wrong he's 28 this year. Got to know him thru Fridae and currently my MSN chat pal. He recently graduated with a degree in China and now back home in the US. And I must tell you Dennis is the most sweetest guy I ever chatted with. Serious!!!! There was once I chatted with him in camp while I was still under conscription then. He told me that he has a thing for guys in millitary uniform (naughty naughty boy!) and I grabbed my opportunity to be naughty back at him. I confessed that I have a thing for topless men (which gay men doesn't????). Dennis let me see him on webcam and TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT FOR ME!!!!!! So sweet kan!!!!?


If you are an avid reader of this gayboy's blog, you might saw his printscreened bod on msn chat with me before. Anyway, he's attached now.

That's Errol Lim. No, not the one with that big nostril. The one eyebrow like Shawn Yue and nose like AishawaraIdontknowhowtospellhername Rai. Now, that's Errol Lim.

Well, we first met at The Necessary Stage's Theatre For Youth Emsemble and we being the only guys around (literally!), we click VERY well. Errol is as straight as the lamp post erected outside your house and he thought I am as straight as him too. Boy, this is interesting. Soon he found out that he's on his own when I asked if I could oil massaged his body.

Kidding lah!!!!!
I told him I'm gay and that he looks awesome but need to tone down his ego. His ego is as big as King Kong loh. Nothing kinky happened in the end (define short?), trust me. Anyway, he's attached now.

Just irrelevent info to share : Alfian Sa'at actually approached Errol to act in his gayboy's favourite play "Asian Boys Volume 2" and am glad that Errol rejected the offer. No offence against Alfian lah but I would rather Errol to focus on his studies instead.

Now I'm spoilt. What does being sexy really mean?

a) Sweet Romeo
b) Cocky Ken

Check my Facebook to find out.


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