Friday, November 30, 2007

5 Sexiest Things In My Bag

I can't really live without my bag. There will never be one time when I am without my bag. I go clubbing with my bag. Go toilet with my bag. Go shopping with my bag. Go cruising at Towel Club with my bag. Go work with my bag. Go eat lunch/dinner with my bag. Literally, I eat sleep with my bag.

So you ask, what is inside my bag?

My Latest Possession
NOKIA 7500 Prism
I do not need to emphasize on this, right? I mean you all know I recently got myself a NOKIA 7500 Prism. Or you still want me to brag about it AGAIN??? Well, I love to take photos, listen to music on the go, watch straight porn as a substitute as there are not many gay porn on my friends' phone (girl, this is sooooo wrong!) and the best thing, I can upload them onto Blogger everytime I visit a cybercafe (I do not have a computer at home and I took the above picture minutes before I blog because I feel my blog is sooo empty)

Note pad & pen
I love Arts. I love to sing. I love to do scripts. I love to draw. I usually get inspirations from everywhere. From eating char sew pau to eating "real meat", I draw inspirations from them. Furthermore, I'm someone absent-minded. So having a note pad comes in handy.

Red Earth foundation stick, NIVEA lipbalm & compact mirror
I know, I know. This is not the sexiest thing to you but make-ups are Humans greatest invention; they make sexy things sexier.

The Essentials
GNC's vitamin C moisturiser, vitamin E softgel & Betacarotene pills.
If you are not in the know, vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, vitamin E heals scars and betacarotene good for the eyes (you wouldn't want to be sucking on someone else's in the dark, right!?).

The Necessity
KY gel
For the last minute urge in dark alleys, shopping mall toilets and parks. LOL!!!!


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