Sunday, September 30, 2007

Untitled : Back To Be A Man (RESERVIST)

In life, you can only depend on yourself. Fuck friendship.


OK!!! Some friends are worth keeping. :D

But SOME friends are worth watching them jump down Singapore River drowned to death and you standing there by the riverside clapping. The reason I took Annual Leave is to spend time with my friends before I go reservist lor. Shuddap lah. I know I damn bloody drama-mama but I want to spend time with my friends, can?

But some of my damn bloody friends, I said SOME, not free for me. Why? Because they are either too busy with their boyfriends or "we can always see after Raya."

Fuck you!!

After Raya you can always see me everyday at Timberland.

Anyway, be entertained by the following clip. The botak guy very macho...very cute somemore.


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