Saturday, September 29, 2007

Born A Bitch. Made To Slut, Not To Sing!!!

Before I begin, I would like to share with you a photo and you have all the reasons in the world to be jealous.

Me and Sahril

That's Sahril. He works at California Fitness as a Personal Trainer. About the pic above, I just woke up from bed and the rest of the story, you fill in the blank lah. Nothing wrong what. I was still single back then (Alaaaaa....zaman dulu-dulu bila aku suka menyundal dgn laki orang~). Sorry, I can't translate that in English. But I can only tell you that I look damn innocent in the pic. Wahahahahaha!!!!

Anyhoos, karaoke session is actually rather healthy for those who are not-so-musically-inclined like yours truly. Yes, I do love singing but I usually create my own lyrics. Hehe!

La dida dida,
apa yang ko kata,
bila ko sedang merajuk...

Lyric gone case nevermind, as long you get the rhythm (correct spelling???) and tune correct good enough. I don't listen to Malay music lah. In fact, I think Kumar listen to Malay music more than me seh.

Yesterday, was my 2nd time at a karaoke lounge. And also for the 2nd time, I was basically the lostboy in NeverneverLand. I don't know what song title, the lyrics, the singer, the tune, the whatever lah. I only know Siti Nurhaliza. I was lost, like totally.

But one music clip captured my attention. Enjoy! And oh yes, if you notice, I am beginning to fill my ImeemPlayer (it's at the sidebar, bitch!) with Malay songs. Semangat melayu sak, babe! Hidup mati melayu!!!!! Wakakakakakakaka!!!!

Shanty ft Marcelli - Hanya Memuji


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