Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oops! I did it again!!!!

Hey you know what, I've just created a fashion poll column. Every now and then, I will post a poll on everything fashion. Bad fashion, good fashion, This Fashion, fashion victim, fashion police and of course none other than fashion faux pas (*look at Rizal*)

So be careful of what you post on the Internet, be it photos or videos, because you might never know it might land on my blog. And if your photos or videos are being featured here, just like one of good friends once said, take it positively. I mean, you wouldn't want others to be the next YOU. To avoid such unnecessary inconveniences, please dress appropriately. You wouldn't want to go to WOMAD looking like Tong Taik (ask your malay friends for the definition) right?

Anyway, let's talk about today's topic : Love scenes. And when I say love scenes, I'm talking about famous movies' love scenes like Leonardo Dicarpio fucking Kate Winslet in the car (oh, she deserves it!) and not pornography as like Lolita and Pavel Novotny.

We've all seens thousands & thousands of movies and we've seen many many love scenes. But I would really love to know, do they really do it? As in, the actors really penetrate/pummel/pump/ram (*delete where applicable) their poor little innocent female actresses? Or they just act it out as they are actors anyway...? If they just act it out, that's so boring. Imagine Jude Law ramming Jennifer Lopez (if there's such a love scene in the near future) while Marc Anthony at home watching them on DVD.

Marc : Jude is such a good actor. Don't you think so, honey Jenny?
Jennifer : Oh, you wouldn't believe this but trust me. He's very professional and he was soooo good at it.


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