Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Not The Tuitor, Not The Money But....

I would love to talk about politics and for once sound intelligent. But I beg to skip that as for today. National Day is coming leh, give face a bit lah!!

I Love You, Singapore!!!!
I love the Merlion.
I love The Esplanade.
I love Ashley Isham.
I love Vanessa Mae.

I love Annabel Chong!?

On a serious note, I don't and never believed in giving tuition or send my children for tuition (if I have any in the near future lah. Can I be pregnant and yet be skinny sexy??). It just prove to show that you can't spare some time for your little tots' education. How bad parents you are!!!

My parents sent both my younger bro and me for tuition when we were 7 and 9 years old respectively. The tuitor? My Uni grad neighbour. I can still remember telling my little bro this :"mak dan bapak tak ada masa untuk kita, dik" (translation : Both of our parents have no time for us, bro") Dad paid my Uni grad tuitor $100 per subject (Math and English) and soon Dad found out things are not working. It's not about sending your kids for extra lessons. And it's not about the Uni grad tuitor. It's not about spending money to send you for extra lessons. It's about spending time with the kids : knowing your children's strengths and weaknesses in their studies.

I love you, Dad!
I love you, Mom!

No matter what you did to me, you will always be in my heart. Cos' you are my flesh and blood...just like Singapore.


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