Sunday, July 15, 2007

You've Got Male (?)

If you have great personality, simply bored with time to spare, love to talk crap just like me, would die to meet me and you happened to be nearby City Hall, drop by Raffles City Timberland cos' that's where I spend most of my weekend : work. Even better, if you are someone born with wide forehead. But still the best if you were to let me kiss your forehead. You'll make my day, I tell you. LOL!

Well actually, I don't mind polishing it for you free. :D

And if you think of doing something funny lah like exposing my sexuality to my manager, forget about it. About 90% of the staff know. But if you think of beating me up in the toilet, I don't mind. Actually, I find it kinky cos' I'm into BDSM (Bondage Slave & Master) LOL!

It's getting late and it's full shift for me tomorrow .But I have something for someone.

See all the "0" from Sunday till Thursday? That's what happened when someone tried to pull you down by hacking into your account and delete your blog. Now I'll have to build my readership from scratch, again!

...from a reader. I think lah, he wished to stay anonymous.

But there's always the rainbow after the rain. I was overjoy to read the mail, especially those lines!!! Isaac, I truly admire your effort. You are good but still, not good enough because always remember this, I'm better. :)


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