Monday, July 16, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Isaac, please do not reject my calls. I desperately want to return your discman for my Esprit vest that I've only worn once! Anyway, discman is oh so outdated. Who would use them when there's MP4 players nowadays???

Anyway, Joe was at Timberland yesterday. We are friends for 5 years. He dropped by to try some of the shoes there. The last time we met was last year at Canon DV Festival. Went for dinner and really had a hearty talk.

Joe : So how's your mommy?

Me : Still not home yet. Still living alone.

Joe : How did you feel when you find out about her?

Me : I went home only to find out she left a note to take care of the house. Of course, initially I was very worried and kinda scared. But am fine now. Settled everything.

Joe : If I were you, I would be happy for her that she's leaving.

Me : Why?

Joe : Because you might never know she has found someone and be happy with.

I'll be happy if only she is, but I still love my Dad.

Today, I received a news : I'll be having a step-father soon.


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