Friday, July 13, 2007

My Swansong

First thing, hello Mira. Hope someday we could have lunch together since our work place is soo bloody nearby. Just an escalator away. LOL!

I am soo bloody proud of them....

Nargis Musawwir
Winner of Miss New Paper New Face 2006
Miss Singapore Tourism Queen
Model Of The World Singapore 2007

Siti Khalijah
My fellow classmate at Theatre For Youth Ensemble
and many more...

Avril Chan
former schoolmate
Project SuperStar constestant

former BMT platoon mate
Suria's Anak Metropolitan
Suria's Krayon

Am proud of them more than am proud of myself. I am not trying to be overly emotional here but back then in my secodary school days, I was rather more well-known for my Arts. I was the top Art student then and when I graduated there, I was forced to be an engineering student at Temasek Polytechnic. And it's kinda irritating when friends asked me,"So how was Lasalle?" No, I didn't go to Lasalle. Me an Arts student with Engineering Diploma fuck. Just imagine Picasso graduated with a diploma in tak kena leh!
...and I don't go around taking pictures with local celebrities. I may know them but do they know me? Anyway, posting their photos on my blog won't increase my blog someone does? Not cheap. absolutely not. Bleah!


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