Thursday, July 26, 2007

Secrets Revealed
...cos' keeping secrets to oneself is a hassle.

National Library

10 things I bet you didn't know about me

1. My hips don't lie
2. Ex-bullimic
3. Fear of clowns and being alone
4. Insecure of my height. Just wanna be a short fart like you =)
5. Been spitted in public
6. Been paid to sleep with a girl (Eeeee!!)
7. Cheated GCE O Level Art paper 3 and got away with it
8. I'm an idiot at handphones and at kissing
9. I hate guys who don't shave like I hate boxers (no connection but as long you get my point)
10. I dislike Isaac like I dislike Xiaxue I don't like competition



Gameboy said...

why insecured of height?

too tall?

I feel short and wanna be tall :(

only 1.7m hah

Yahn said...

everytime i dance on the podium, i have this feeling that everyone is watching me....not because of my dance moves but rather i'm the only head sticking out of the crowd.