Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dah Lah Pendek, Gemuk, Terbantut Pulak Tu!

I just don't understand straight guys, I simply don't. One moment, when they are all alone with me, they are with me. Meaning, they are my friends for a moment. Listen to my problems, hear me sing and crack jokes together. BUT, the very moment they are with their other friends, they will start to name-calling like "BAPOK!!!!", "Yahn, kau hot sial!", "Yahn puki kau bau sak" or "Yahn, juboh ada baik?". I am absolutely fine with the name-calling but why? I think, ego has taken control over them and that's the problem with straight guys.

Frankly speaking, why are they so scared of me? Why can't name-call me when I'm with them alone? So coward. I am the one who should be scared of them, not they scared of me. I'm not at all willing and ready to sacrifice my ass to them, you see.

I may be gay and all that jazz. Better gay than being fat & short in every sense (when I say in every sense, I mean every sense of it) LOL!!!


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