Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Back Even Stronger!!!!


I know I can't sound any worst than Danny Noriega (remember gayboy Diva from the latest season of American Idol???) but I can't help it; I LOOOOOVE my newly rebonded hair *shakes head side-to-side*. The feeling is damn different lor. With straight hair, it feels so light that when wind blows, I feel like a CoverGirl doing some sort of hair commercials.

Before I continue, can I ask you guys something personal? Like very very very very very veeeeeeeerrrrrRRRRRRyyy personal thing. Do I talk to you guys like the gayguy in the video? Do I??? because if I do, I think I now know how you guys feel towards me. It's freaking scary!!!! I dont ever wanna talk like that, it's like Paula Abdul in Simon Cowell's body sak!!!!.............But do I talk like that? Please say no!!!!!! Or do I????

ANYWAY, You can't really do that with curly hair and I've never had the chance too mainly because I usually cut it short. So now, everytime I flip my hair, hope I'm not being an irritant. Just doing my thing, girl! Whahahahaa!

I resigned from Timberland, about a month ago. Reason being I want to move on and not stuck to only a certain situation. I want to be challenged and learn more new things but rumours has it that I quit the job because I couldn't click with certain people. It's true but that's not my main reason of quitting. It would be damn stupid of me to quit "just because" of that. I mean, everywhere else there will be people whom you can't really have the same level of frequency with them. Frankly speaking, I can click with everyone but hypocritical-backstabbing double-headed snakes and you know what, they're nothing in my life.

Few days after I resigned, my manager called me up to join as part-timer there as the outlet I was in (Vivocity) needed manpower. Without hesitation, I accepted his request.

Being a self-proclaimed part-time Diva is way better than being a full-time Bitch. I have little responsibilities and have much better life. I can come and go as I want (of course I need to help out if they need any) and Life has never been so carefree. Nowadays, I don't have to worry about "higher authority" keeping an eye on me or having people gossiping about me. Heck care seems to be my temporarily motto. Hmmm....

But I do miss some of the people Zieyani, the one girl whom I admire most. She went thru Life's bitchiest moments where she had to support her family ALONE. Then there's Nurul, cute little bubbly girl who knows how to have fun. Can say lah she's someone happy go lucky. Roy, whose presence never fail to put a smile on my face. Also not forgetting Sean, my favourite Assistant Manager. He taught me that Life is short, so make it sweet. Short and sweet. Lame right? That's Sean and loving it. Muack!

Well, age is catching up on me but am not one bit worried. Yes, my birthday's coming!!!!! Turning 24 soon. Gosh! Life has been a real slut; I've got to admit but it has made me the person I am today; loud & proud.

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