Friday, February 1, 2008

Viva La Vivo Diva

I know. It has been 600 years since I last blogged. Sorry lah girls, busy lah. Updates : I've been transfered to VivoCity outlet. Anything, call me. I've upgrade my status...from SRC Diva to Viva La Vivo Diva. Glamor sundal!!!! You go girl!

ANYWAY, I was at CityLink the other day. Was on off and friends are really such a bitch. They are either busy at work or "me at school. I call you later, can?" So this poor soul had no choice but go window shopping at CityLink, alone. You bitches should feel guilty. If you don't, I don't know what to say liao.

And guess what!? While I was busy buying windows, along came Chickenhead devil-in-disguise. strolling down the escalator talking with Mr "only god knows". AND I really had to post this pic of him I took.

"I'm Kind Of A Jerk" t-shirt. No doubt about that!

I tried to talk to him about my stolen vest (yes, I'm still red over that!) but The Devil continued talking on the phone, trying to avoid me. I may be dumb and blonde but I know you were just pretending to talk to someone on the phone! Nabeh Siao! Act smart but I smarter lor. How can you talk on the phone when your flip-phone is not flipped open!? Lanjiao beh! My grandmother know how to use flip-phone better sia!

Timberland Dinner & Dance : Movie Magic was the theme but I simply can't be bothered to dress to the occasion. Why should I dressed up when everyone knows I'm leaving the company soon? I went for the sake of going because if I don't, I'll have to open shop and continue sell shoes.

Let me introduce to you my 2 new Sisters (one of which is upcoming Diva!)

Roy and Yuyun.


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