Thursday, October 25, 2007

You = Me
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This is not the first time I step into Zara Marina Square but the first serious shopping there for me today. Yanni, a fellow colleague of mine, will be having a birthday bash at Velvet Underground this coming Saturday and I totally have no idea what to wear to fit the occasion. The last shopping session I had was like a month ago whereby I bought this top from River Island but the thing is, I don't wear a month old shirt. Usually what happen is, I will buy a shirt this month, when next payday comes I'll buy a new set and the old one collects dust in my wardrobe.

Anyway, talking about Zara : my first serious shopping there and it was HORRIBLE. Here's the details...

Everything was fabulous at first. Love the ambience, the staffs were smartly dressed in suits, admire the store's design concept and was oogling at this cutie-pie when later I realised that he's the staff there. Blah!

Anyway, straight to the point. There were several T-shirts and cardigans that caught my eyes but the ones on display were of M to XL sizes (I'm size S). Obviously, I needed help. I looked around but the staffs were busy serving customers. "Nevermind" I told myself and while waiting, I continued to browse. Then I started to lose patience (I waited for very long...can say I browsed the whole shop) and decided to approach the cutie-pie I mentioned earlier who happened to be on the phone (maybe checking stocks at other outlet?) and he said "Ok, sir. I'll attend to you in awhile." I'm absolutely cool with that. I'm a sale-person too and I know what it's like to be busy.

And so I waited....waited.....waited....and waited. Pissed, I threw the tops I was holding onto the floor and left the shop. No customers should be made to look like a fool...standing in the centre of the shop helplessly waiting to try a whole bunch of clothes in hand...and honestly speaking, I've shopped many brands before and never there was a time I felt like a "shopping fool". There were absolutely no sense of urgency here. I mean, you can check stock or continue your conversation later and serve customers first. It doesn't take long to go to the storeroom, take the sizes that I wanted to try on and then resume check stock.

Moral of the story : You may be wearing suits, smartly-dressed and look "high-class". But at the end of the day, you are nothing but just another sales-assistant like me.



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