Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Setinggi-tinggi Melayu, Tak Ke Mana Sak!

I am MT Sergeant. What is a MT Sergeant? If you do not know what is this, it could only means 2 things :

1) You are a girl
2) You have yet to go for your National Service
3) (optional) National Service really wasted your time.

From Day 1 of my in-camp training till today, I worked my butts off. I was soo damn busy to the point that I couldn't even meet Mustakim for a smoke break eventhough we were just a block away. Thankfully, my drivers were there to crack me up.

Gunaidi : Kak Yanna, step busy seh. I miss you lah.

Me : (trying hard to concentrate)

Gunaidi : Kak Yanna!

Me : (still concentrating)

Gunaidi : Hugs?

Me : (where was I?)

Gunaidi : (hugs me) Kak Yanna!!!!

Me : Kak Yanna puki mak kao punyer laki sial!!!!

As you can see, the drivers love me. They really do. But like every other girls, I do have some fair share of periods. They say, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. Well, that's not my point. My point is, the title : "Setinggi-tinggi Melayu, tak akan ke mana sak!!" which means once you go black, you can never go back. Hahahahaha!!!

I prepared vehicles for outfield, I ran here & there (ladies, it's not easy being a man!) and I never go for my lunch breaks on most of the days. And today, I found out something. I wasn't the company's MT sergeant. Someone else was the real MT sergeant. And if someone else is the MT Sergeant, then who the hell I am?

And the best part? Tomorrow is the last day of my in-camp. So it's useless to ask who I really am in the company. Fuck whoever appointed that someone else to be the MT sergeant and not telling me earlier!


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