Saturday, October 13, 2007

Walking Alone

I swear to God that the above photo has got nothing to do with this entry. just that I found it at Ruzaini's blog. AND...I like the pose and damn it you got the right to SHADDUP!!!
(Disclaimer : cigarette in hand ain't cool but wearing Timberland shirt is)

I woke up this morning sobbing. Knowing that I'm all alone in the early morning of Raya. My bedroom was in a mess. The kitchen sink piled with dishes and the livingroom was unusually quiet (maybe that's because my pet cat was still asleep).

I bathed, had a quick breakfast at Delifrance ( the staffs were friendly enough to wish me Selamat Hari Raya and all I could do was to smile politely eventhough it means nothing to me anymore) and headed straight to Katong; the one place where I usually pour out my feelings on this blog. While on my way there, I sms-ed my friends :

Salam Lebaran. Ku mohon maaf jika tersilap kata, hisap terlebih, jilat terlebih cos' dumbs like me tend to do things terlebih. Too much of something is not good. Ha ha

Ruzaini : Hahak. Now you wannabe dirty? Anyway, thnks.

Shah : Ish...pagi-pagi raya dah paparazzi.

Others replied with "fowarded messages" which I find very not creative and very not sincere. I am without a family now and all I can depend myself.

Selama Hari Raya kesemua.

Selamat Hari Raya to me....


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