Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Puas Hati Di Golden Chance

Every Singaporean men from all walks of life in one way or another must have heard this phrase at least once in their lifetime : "Never teach your father how to fuck".

Right here and now on my blog let me tell you, don't teach this mama how to suck cock.

Don't tell me to attend Fashion Week (who are you!?) or to stack those bracelets up??? Oh my gawdy gawd!!! Darling, your fashion sense is like not so superb. Might as well I shop at Kedai Emas Ming Seng di Joo Chiat Complex level 2 di tepi tangga and wear a whole bunch of gold bracelets.

No wonder Ashley Isham is based in London. I think he scared to return to Singapore.

And oh yes, don't take my entry seriously. If you do, go to the third storey of Raffles Hotel where I can see you clearly, and then jump down. Thank you.


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