Monday, October 29, 2007


When I first joined The Necessary Stage's Theatre For Youth Ensemble, I met this very cute, very bubbly just like The Power Puff Girls but that shy little girl. Her name is Siti, Siti Khalijah. Today, she's someone in the theatre scene. In 2006, 2 years after graduated from TNS, she was nominated for Life! Theatre Award's Best Actress for her role in How Did The Cat Get So Fat?


The year 2005. Esnoraine Ismail (former classmate) made it to the cover of FHM Magazine as the winner of The Girl Next Door. To me, she gave a bad image to the term "New Malay".

2 years ago, Bob and I was involved in a fashion show at Marina Square : was hired as a dresser. Bob Yanto then introduced me to his girlfriend, Nargis.

Me : Wow! Can I dress you up later?

Nargis : I'm not a model. I'm as you...a dresser.

Me : WHAT!!? You better be a model or else I won't turn straight ever!

Nargis : I will.

Nothing new, I never did keep close to my promise. Nargis won the title of New Paper's Miss New Face in 2006. Today, she's with Upfront Model Agency.


Last year, I saw Avril Chan (former classmate too, unfortunately) on Project Superstar and I didn't really like her performance eventhough she got thru to the Top 3/4 or something like that??

Then I saw Janna in Anugerah, a friend Astri never failed to talk about everyday back then when I used to work at MPH.

Ladies & gentlemen, Jannah Shah....

(If you are Avril Chan/Hady Mirza/Victor Tang reading this, fast forward to 2:12 sec and let Jannah show you how to bloody boogie your throat!!! Can you beat that, bitch!?)

Now I must admit I got competition already. Aspiring Joss Stone (me of course lah!) meets aspiring Kelly Clarkson (who else??? Bryanboy??).

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