Monday, September 24, 2007


Watched The Campaign To Confer The Public Service Star On JBJ with ol-time buddy, Lee. And today, am not going to talk about the play nor the politics. 2 things I have to make things clear :

1. watching a play at any venue doesn't make you any "high class". You don't have to dress as if it's your mother & father's 45th anniversary.

2. after the show, I overheard a conversation....

lady : the actors were good.

lady2 : Certainly!

That's what is happening now in our local Arts scene. Actors do their very best on stage and recognised as "the actors" only. Unappreciated. They have names, just like you. Their names : Rodney Olivero (husband to my former director, Serena Ho) and Pam Oei.


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