Sunday, August 26, 2007

Crazy Addiction
Things I've bought out of depression

You know, when you are down and depressed, shopping helps to destress your mind? Pay day is coming and I'm so gonna shop this Thursday. Anyone free to join me, just buzz me. Anyway, I just bought this field cap like 2 days ago :

Actual price : SGD59.00

It's Timberland. Yah, I bought it at staff discount. I really really need a cap lah. Planning to keep my hair long. Not that I want to drag or become a girl by keeping my hair long, I just need styling. I mean, life after National Service and that I'm going for reservist next month? I ORD not long ago and I have already received a call-up. Whatever.

Remember I was talking about the tote bag I bought at Esprit?

Actual price : SGD 169.90

This is the exact same bag. I bring it to work, play and fun. My colleagues said it looks so gay. Like duh, it's woman's bag.

Esprit's Slim Fit Blue & Black Jeans
Actual price : SGD119.90

I already bought the blue one and gonna lay my hands on the black. I love Esprit jeans cos' they come in various cutting and I really do like their slim fit jeans. Well, I have skinny legs. Again, I bought it at staff discount. The good thing about working in retail line, you get to make friends with people working from other brands and brat for discounts. And Talking about Esprit, reminds me of my vest. Fuck you, Rizal!
May you are cursed to shop at This Fashion forever.


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