Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yellow Submarine

"P/S:To this specific someone, or whoever whom are his friend, this is a message to him. If yours is doubled, then what about mine? Thousand-pled? I'm not flinching no matter how much you say about me. You're a peanut to me." - (free adverts...)

You are either stupid or brainless donkey. Learn how to read in between the lines, Rizal. Firstly, when someone said "doubled", it could mean doubled by the hundreds, thousands or even millions. Secondly, I don't come looking for readership, they come to me. In another way of saying, I don't seek attention, attention comes to me. Wahahahaha!!!

That's the differences between mine and yours (pathetically, too bad...)

courtesy of (free adverts, AGAIN)

Isaac seriously, you should smile more because I think your smile will even bring more readership to your blog, good Fengshui. Though I feel it will be even better that you do some touch-up or brushing on them...cos' they're a wee bit yellowish (didn't your new best friend, Kent, told you that?) Gross!


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