Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top Of The World

Today, am gonna blog about my SMS session I had yesterday with 2 of my sisters. A little introduction of my 2 sisters : I met both Patrick and Terence during my Transport Supervisor course while I was still serving the army. Two very different people : Patrick is a down right closet and Terence is your TYPICAL arty-farty gay boy. I am, of course, way beyond them; all-oiut faggot.

Was bored so basically I SMS-ed Patrick "girl, I'm bored and horny. Let's chat. LOL!!!" And so the fun begins....

Conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

Patrick : Eh, what you think of Raydon (Patrick's new love) ?

Me : If beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, then it's either I'm blind or you blind.Ok lah seriously, but both of you are damn bloody closets eh. Seems nice guy.

Patrick : Haha. Yea. Raydon may not have the looks but he treats me real good and always give in to. So, when are you going to get attached again?

Me : Don't you have any better question to ask? But nevermind. What you think of this guy (insert profile) ? He only 20 this year.

Patrick : SO YOUNG!!!? No need to see but seriously, should look for someone who's more mature. We ain't young anymore, should start planning for our future.

Me : Now you sound more and more like AIA Insurance.

Patrick : Haha...crazy...but I am serious.

I really enjoy chatting with Patrick but he wasn't much of a help, as you can see. So I moved on and hoping Terence would do some good for me. Like I really need to kill my boredom, you see.

Me : Eh, you got guys to intro me? Wakakaka!

Terence : I go for matured muscular fit dudes. I go for body not looks. And must be bottom. Lol.... My guys all fit ones.

Me : Good for you that you go for fit matured....err...I mean fit old men.

Terence : Whatever. I'm a Top and I'm hot among the guys. ^^

Me : Are you serious like real serious you are Top? Then how come you like a bit sissy like that? If you are, then what do you call Patrick..."over the Top"? Then me leh....Top of the world???

Terence : You damn good bitch, Bitch!!!

Me : Eh you go check out this profile (inset profile) and tell me what you think of this dude.

Terence : (A few moments later) Cute. My kind. I'm gonna eat him. Lol

Me : PLEASE LAH, what you want actually? You go eat old man at some old folks home lah. This is mine!!!

They say 2's a company. 3's a crowd (right? Or something like that lah). But I think 3's a threesome where I don't like to share.


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