Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pardon Me? BlogKing?

Honestly speaking lah, I just read Shah Rizal's blog for the first time since 2 months ago.

Oh, did you read his blog? And oh, did you know he has a new best friend like now? And oh yes, he knew Riduan for 13 years now? Not sure but it's either he knows Riduan for 13 years or Riduan knows him for 13 years. Are you sure like really really really sure? Really really really really damn sure, Rizal? If am not wrong, you did blog about Riduan a few months back about meeting him for the first time at St. James after been not in contact for 13 years since primary school.

Who are you trying to kid? I've been to Orchard Road way before you were born, you know that?

So some kind of BlogKing of Singapore, you are huh. Kiss my fat-free ass!


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