Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lazy To Think Of A Subject

Let me take out my rainbow flag and let me wave like noone cares. *waves flag*

Call me sissy whatever but this sissy rocks hell unlike you. Call me gay or cocksucker and I can assure you that your dad might be an ex-gay. Trust me.

I'm a social-smoker, basically means I smoke socially. And with the recent buzz about smoke-free clubs, I personally feels that whoever came up with the idea must be someone who is a club-virgin (someone who never clubs, smoke, drink or dance cocojambo before, I bet) or simply pure stupid.

Let me repeat myself. I am a social-smoker and I have nothing against the smoke-free clubs or whatever shit you want to call it lah. I only know go to clubs, drink, get high, flirt, dance like donkey and go hotel...only to find out waking up the next morning having hang-over. Why can't they just ban cigarettes in Singapore like they do to chewing gums? And oh please, stop the price hike in cigarette packs. Enough damage done. If you wanna part of our money, just ask. Don't dig.

If you really care about the citizens' health, listen up and listen well. Do the same thing as what you guys did to chewing gums. People will hate me at first but after sometime, they will thank me for the brilliant idea. LOL!

C'mon smokers, would you rather waste money for the price hike in cigarette packs (government's profit leh, I think, right?) or waste your health?

I heard smoking causes discoloration in teeth. Gosh, I don't wanna die ugly. Don't you wanna die beautiful?


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