Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Untitled #2300

The guys at MTLine are missing me to the damn, I think. Chandran, my former driver, was basically on duty yesterday. Bored to death, he called me. It was around 2300HR yah.

Chandran : (deep low husky voice) Eh hello, want suck?

Me : Who is this?

Chandran : Just answer, you want suck? I pay you.

Me : (background : "Chandran, tomorrow I on what detail!???) Fuck you kepala butoh mak kau peh puki, Chandran.

Chandran : LOL! Eh Yahn! How are you lah dey!?

Me : Feeling a bit under the weather lah.

Chandran : What you mean? Should be good because the night is still young, right?

Me : It means I'm not feeling that well.

Chandran : So now you work where?

Me : Timberland Raffles City. Why leh? Come see me lah once in awhile.

Chandran : I'll only see you after you go oversea.

Me : Go oversea for what?

Chandran : Be a girl lah!

Me : I'm not a girl. Not yet a woman.

Chandran : Be girl, good what!

Me : Good as in...?

Chandran : So I can fuck you without getting pregnant! LOL!!!!

Once a fucker, will always be.


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